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Product Overview

STANDARD ICF™ Modified Flat WallT System is a hybrid block forming system that is a combination of the flat wall and waffle grid systems. The forms are 16" high and 4' long with a unique modified flat wall interior configuration. The dense 1.5 lb. net cured weight foam face shells are made of molded expanded polystyrene averaging 2.6" thick providing an R-26 thermal resistance. The horizontal joint design is a simple tongue and groove with interlocking blocks and notches that assure stud alignment and added strength at the corners.

STANDARD ICFs™ form a 7" monolithic modified flat concrete wall and has an overall thickness of 11 1/4". Each straight form has four (4) stud wall-tie brackets with a 1 5/8" wide x 16" height stud flange that forms a continuous uninterrupted clearly marked fastening surface, every 12" on center, recessed just 1/2" below the foam surface. Each wall-tie has a tandem re-bar saddle for easy placement of horizontal re-bar. Each 90-degree corner form is 48-inches long (18 x 30) and has a 3" wide x 16" high corner bracket that forms a continuous uninterrupted fastening surface on both legs of the outside corner. Like the 90-degree corner form the 48-inch long (18 x 30) 45-degree corner form is also very strong and rigid to minimize the need for any external bracing.

All STANDARD ICFs™ form the same 5.33 sq. ft. of exterior wall surface and are dimensioned to be flexible and conform to a wide range of standard design and building practices. Since all forms are the same size it is simple to calculate the amount of forms needed for a project. The Modified Flat WallT design is very contractor friendly, strong, durable, and fail-safe during assembly and concrete placement when following the easy to read 22 page Installation Instruction Manual and the Graphic Installation Guide, that are available as a PDF download on our web site. Additional products are in development.

We welcome our customers questions and comments: standard@pitel.net

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