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  Improving ICF Construction!™
With the Development of the Modified Flat Wall ICF System
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The Exclusive Standard ICF™ Modified Flat Wall System is flexible and conforms to a wide variety of standard design and building practices. The strong modified flat wall form design prevents racking, withstands concrete pressure, and minimizes bracing requirements.

  • The continuous fill height 1 5/8-inch wide x 12-inch on-center studs combined with the exclusive 3-inch wide full height corner brackets provide an excellent structure for attaching interior and exterior wall covering and finish materials.
  • The unique modified flat wall design of the quality molded EPS foam panels with a density of 1.5 lbs net cured weight have a combined R-26 thermal resistance.
  • The durable tongue and groove jionts and exclusive interlocking alignment system simplifies installations and withstands the lateral pressure of concrete.
  • The exclusive modified flat wall interior cavity allows for easy concrete flow while using 4% less concrete than 6-inch and 25% less concrete than 8-inch flat wall systems.
  • The uniformly marked recessed stud system and exclusive convenient electrical chase provide for easy installations by electricians and other sub-contractors.
  • The Exclusive Modified Flat Wall System can be easily cut-in-half horizontally, without compromising form strength, to accomodate wall heights; and 4-inches can be cut-off the top to meet structural and design requirements.

Spring Special
All block $18.88 delivered free up to 400 miles. Some restrictions may apply.
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